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The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will be located in the picturesque Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, one hour west of Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. This unique facility will be located far away from light pollution, and showcases an extremely spectacular horizon to horizon Milky Way. The Visitors Centre will host a state-of-the-art 3D digital planetarium with the highest resolution in the world. Visitors will have the opportunity to view with the worlds’ largest and most powerful public telescopes.

The Visitors Centre is the worlds’ most energy efficient building, being self-powered and off the grid using a combination of solar electric power, solar thermal energy, ground sourced heat pumps and a very innovative building design. It even uses rain water and recycles all of its water.

The facility will have many amenities including a fine restaurant, a boutique, a fully equipped lecture theatre, several board rooms, a multi-use Zen room, a large lobby equipped with one hundred million pixel video walls, a display and exhibit hall, an atrium and a special exhibits area. The unique building, located on top of a high hill with spectacular panoramic views, will have a south facing covered terrace, a courtyard with themed architectural elements and parking space for coaches and vehicles.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will host the Wide-Field-Telescope, which is expected to be the most powerful in Canada. It will be available to the global science community and will make many important discoveries.

Please visit our introductory page and explore the project with our brochure.

— State-of-the-art Visitors Centre, off-grid and energy independent
— World’s highest resolution 3D digital planetarium
— The worlds’ most powerful public telescopes, no ladders needed
— The Wide-Field-Telescope, the most powerful in Canada

— Exhibit and display hall and a special exhibits area
— Lecture theatre, Zen room, fine restaurant and boutique
— Large lobby with one hundred million pixel video walls
— Multi-use board rooms, atrium and covered south facing terrace
— Courtyard with themed architectural elements
— Invited lecturers to speak about the research being conducted
— Special activities such as meteors showers
— Guided tours of the off-grid building and telescopes
— Stunning natural scenery and marked planetary nature trail
— Open year round, within an easy days return trip to Ottawa
— Available leasing: Weddings, corporate development, AGM’s etc.

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