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Special Features and Activities

The facility has very special offerings and features that will enhance the visitors experience.

Private Viewing With The Public Telescopes
On selected nights, the public telescopes will be available to individuals and small groups who want to observe at their own leisure. There will be an interpreter on hand to assist with the equipment and act as guide. This is a rare opportunity to view our corner of the Milky Way and the larger universe at one’s own pace, with a large high-performance telescope and a superbly dark night sky. Both the 40" (1m) and 30" telescopes will be made available to visitors on these very special occasions.

Winter Viewing With The Public Telescopes
The facility will operate year round and offer heated jackets, boots and gloves. The winter sky is completely different from the summer sky and offers the brightest stars and a distinct Milky Way. The constellation of Orion in the south, with seven very bight stars will be glimpsed against a pitch black background. Being fairly low in the south this view of Orion is quite breathtaking.

Special Events
The Observatory will host unique celestial viewing events a few times a year. One example would be the Perseids meteors viewable in August. The exceptionally dark skies will permit a great many meteors to be seen. Lunar eclipses and other special events such as bight comets and discoveries made with the professional telescopes will be also showcased.

Invited Guests
Occasionally special invited guests will speak about the latest discoveries and research being conducted at the facility. This a rare opportunity to visitors to meet with the researchers.

Geo and Nature Walks on The Marked Planetary Trail
Our site is located directly upon the Canadian Shield. We will offer guided geo and nature walks on our marked planetary trail. The package offering will be combined with an introductory presentation in the lecture theatre, located in the Visitors Centre. The high plateau, 450 meters is amongst the highest in Ontario and offers a 360 degrees panoramic view on the surrounding area.

Planetary And Pulsar Viewing
The visitor telescopes will be equipped with high performance, high frame rate, cameras, catching the rare instances where the atmosphere is calm, and will produce exquisite views at the full resolution of the telescope. Vast amounts of detail will be visible on the planets, and details of Jupiter’s largest satellites can be seen. Huge volumes of tiny craters will be become visible on the moon. This configuration permits viewing of pulsars, these rapidly rotating objects that weight as much as the sun but are just a few kilometers across!


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