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Worlds' Highest Resolution Planetarium

 Madawaska Highlands Observatory Digital Planetarium
At the heart of the Visitors Centre is a state-of-the-art digital planetarium. Employing sixteen 4K projectors with a total unique pixel count of almost on hundred million pixels. Sky-Skan has custom designed the world's highest resolution for us, with their Definiti® 12K projection system, with almost fifty times the definition of HDTV. Indeed, the 12K system is the first digital system in the world that outperforms even fixed star projectors. Not only will the shows be incredibly detailed and realistic but have tremendous brightness and dynamic range.

Our Planetarium Will be
The Highest Resolution Planetarium in the World
Shows are rendered in real time, by a bank of very powerful computers. The resulting images are split by software to feed the Multi 4K projectors and projected as a seamless image on the dome. This produces shows with a hyper-realistic and dazzling effect. The live rendering element of this system provides the flexibility to create almost any visual you can imagine. The planetarium can be used for presentations and other events.

There are some two-hundred plus shows available off-the shelf covering astronomy, botany, geology, space travel, weather, paleontology, biology, oceanography, entertainment, history, exploration, children shows and more. In addition, the operators of the equipment can create their own shows with the supplied software. Data collected from the on-site professional telescopes will also be projected in the planetarium. Any video source can be used and projected onto the dome.

In addition, the planetarium will be a multi-use theatre where theatre seats can be removed and the facility used for dinners, wedding receptions, accommodating 150+ people, where the dome could be used to project related backdrops such as a blue sky with puffy white clouds, a cathedral etc. The flexibility gives the planetarium enormous functionally beyond the obvious.

The planetarium is a very powerful inspirational tool. Students can travel to the centre of an atom or to the very fringes of the cosmos, or take a spin around the solar system.

Our planetarium uses projectors to display active stereo that runs at 120 Hz from two separate (left and right) video streams at a rate of 60 Hz per eye. Glasses with LCD shutters that are timed to the frame rate of the video, blank one eye at a time to produce stereo imagery. Glasses contain electronics and batteries. This is the best and most accurate way of showing spectacular shows that jump off the screen in every direction, for an unforgettable experience.

Planetarium Specifications:
Sky-Skan Definiti® 12.5K
Worlds' highest resolution and most advanced planetarium
Seventeen metre dome — one-hundred sixty-five seats
Sixteen 4K state-of-the-art laser projectors
Hundred million physical pixels - producing totally realistic night skies
Twenty-eight kilowatt sixteen-point-two digital audio system
3D capable shows
Auxiliary audio channel for hearing impaired and other languages
Astro-Tec PA-55 dome with Ultimate Seam
Two-hundred plus shows available off the shelf
Multi-use theatre for receptions and diners

See our press release.
Worlds' Highest Resolution Planetarium (3.4MB pdf)

Rendering of our state-of-the-art planetarium.

The 4K (4096 x 2160) laser projector with 3D capability


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