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The Madawaska Highlands Night Sky

The Summer Milky Way in the Madawaska Highlands

Here, some 130 Km (crow) north of the 401 corridor, is a night sky almost free of light pollution, where one can see some 10,000 stars on a clear moonless night, an horizon to horizon Milky Way that will cast your shadow and many other very elusive phenomena of the night sky.

"Indeed it is the best place in Canada and the Northeastern United States, for some 100 million to view the Milky Way. And the best location to situate our facility."

Night sky brightness map with the location outlined and the 'Dark Zone'.
You pan over the cities to identify them.

25 minutes southwest of the town of Renfrew, Ontario, the night sky is sufficiently dark that people seem to vanish in the darkness only a few meters away. In the south, when the great bulge of the Milky Way, is at its highest, the sky seems like its on fire to those who see it for the first time. The night sky here is absolutely dazzling and very inspiring, a sight that all should glimpse at least once in their lifetime.

This is what a 'good' night sky is like with a moderate amount of light pollution.

This is the Night sky over the Mont Mégantic Observatory in the eastern townships of Québec, which claims 'very dark' night skies. Compare this to the image above, and you realize that the location in the Madawaska Highlands is truly exceptional. You see why we have decided to build our facility here.

Click for higher resolution
Wide field image of our night sky from Cygnus to Perseus.

In the upper left, the Andromeda Galaxy and the Pinwheel Galaxy are visible. This beautiful image is a 10 minutes exposure with an APS DSLR camera and a very high quality 50mm lens. It demonstrates the exquisite darkness of our night sky.


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