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Night Sky Experience

The Night Sky Experience

In the course of our busy lives, working, sleeping, playing, raising families, we all struggle with the grand meaning of what it's all about.

Is there any deep meaning in what we do, what we accomplish? Are we missing something more important than our daily existence?

We all must remember that we part of a whole, part of the extraordinary. One need only look up at the night sky on clear moonless night. At the infinite vastness of the cosmos. We know from science, that the stars represent the beginnings and the destiny of humanity.

Here, west of Canada's Capital, lies an extraordinary coincidence of topography, history and economics: a night sky filled with stars.

It is these stars that tell us we are part of the extraordinary, part of the infinite.

This experience is what the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is all about.

The company takes its names from where it is located: the Madawaska Highlands. It is here that Canada's most famous group of painters, The Group of Seven, put down on canvass a core Canadian value, our stunning expansive landscape.

The nearness of this area to several Metropolitan regions is a coincidental gift of circumstance.

The company has spent the last 8 ½ years developing that experience. Using our deep understanding of engineering, science, technology, optics and astronomy and integrating a deep sense of the human need to know about ourselves. We have pursued this goal relentlessly.

The precise mechanics and logistics will fade away as visitors will experience the true meaning of being part of the extraordinary. Our Giant Eye will open up an unimagined and surrealistic vista. Not a painting, animation, or computer screen. These views of the universe are as real as the ground beneath our feet.

Our state-of-the-art facility is built around this experience, to give it a powerful context. The natural environment, the building and its amenities are designed to provide an exciting, entertaining, vital and engaging night sky experience.



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