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December 2016
Press Release — Our Partners

November 2016

Press Release — A Core Educational Destination Experience

October 2016

Press Release — Experience the Milky way and 10,000 stars

September 2016

Press Release — A Unique World Class Destination
Updated Document — MHO_Brochure_2016.pdf (7.3 MB)
Updated Document — MHO_Offering_September_2016.pdf (4MB)

August 2016

Press Release — The Most Powerful Telescope in Canada

July 2016

Press Release — Worlds' Most Powerful Public Telescopes

June 2016

Investors - The company is accepting investors.
Press Release — Worlds's Highest Resolution Planetarium
Marketing Poster June 2016 (7.8 MB pdf)

May 2016

Press Release — Worlds' most energy efficient commercial building

April 2016

Press Release — Facility is expected to generate $1B in economic activity over 25 yrs
Poster - Experience the night sky like never before (1.6 MB pdf)

March 2016

3D Animations and Videos

Updated documents:
MHO Poster (1 MB pdf)
Poster Wide-Field-Telescope and Calotte Dome (1.5 MB pdf)

February 2016

Job Creation and Economic Development
Worlds' Most Energy Efficient Commercial Building

January 2016

Our Night Sky
Over the last 125 years the night sky has deteriorated to the point were only a dozen stars are visible in cities with the Milky Way completely invisible. We have lost a great heritage to mankind. The Madawaska Highlands Observatory is located in an exceptionally dark 'peninsula' situated in the most populous part of Canada and the Northeast USA. Here the sky is so dark that the Milky Way will casts your shadow and where some 10,000 stars can be glimpsed on a clear moonless night.

Innovative Architecture
Explore the innovative building design and concept.

December 2015

Worlds' Highest Resolution Planetarium
(2.4 MB pdf)
Architectural Drawings 2015 (16 MB pdf)

November 2015

Corporate Bookings (4.7MB pdf)

October 2015

Facility Summary
(7MB pdf)

September 2015

The Madawaska Experience

August 2015

Tickets and Rates

Special Activities/Features

July 2015

3D animation Visitors Observatory

Night Sky
Provincial Parks
Local Attractions

June 2015


May 2015

WFT Technical Specification
(7.3MB pdf)
Astrophotographers Dream
SkySkan Definiti 12K Planetarium



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