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Nearby Ontario Provincial Parks

There are 23 Ontario Provincial Parks within a 2-hours drive of the Madawaska Highlands Observatory, close enough for a days return trip. Some 800,000 people visit these 23 Parks.

The official Ontario Parks guide for 2015
Ontario Provincial Park Guide 2015.pdf (5.8 MB)

Canada Parks official guide for Ontario
Canada Parks Guide Ontario 2016.pdf (4 MB)

Tourism Ontario Brochure for 2016
Ontario Canada International.pdf (9.5 MB)

The MHO is a perfect and natural fit to the Provincial Parks as the night sky is the ultimate nature.

Within a 1 hours drive there are 5 parks, the closest being Bon Echo 30 minutes away. Indeed the superintendent at Bon Echo has already shown a strong interest, as this will surely increase the attendance at the park.

The visitors observatories will be open on every clear night, with ticket bookings online or at the facility. We expect the telescope viewing will be extremely popular and a perfect activity for Park visitors, especially from Bon Echo, being so close. The facility is expected to have handouts and an interactive display at the Parks.

There will be many daytime activities to do such as:

State-of-the-art Visitors Centre:
Our 30,000 sq. ft. Visitors Centre features a unique architecture, designed by an multi-award winning architect, blends several features and amenities as listed below. Large 10K x 10K videos walls will be featured in the lobby with extremely high resolution images taken with the Wide-Field-Telescope, the most powerful telescope in Canada.

Digital planetarium:
The 12K digital theater will be world's highest resolution planetarium, double the resolution of any other planetarium, with some 100 millions pixels on the 17m hemispheric dome, employing sixteen 4K laser projectors. The system will also be 3D capable. A high performance 16.2 THX digital sound system with 28 KW will accentuate the experience.

Guided Tours:
Of the professional Observatories, Visitors Observatories, energy independent building, geo and nature walks on our marked planetary trail. All preceded with an presentation on the HD lecture theatre.

Energy Independent Building:

The Visitors Centre will be worlds' most energy efficient commercial building. We will offer interpreted multimedia presentations and guided tours of this unique building. The facility is off-grid and 100% energy self sufficient using a 500KW of roof covered PV panels supplying 100% of our needs and solar thermal panels for hot water and heating. The building will employ ground sourced heat pumps for cooling, heating and hot water. The ultra efficient building employs CO2 triggered heat exchangers, radiative floor heating/cooling, LED lighting with intensity and color control and ultra efficient HVAC and appliance among other innovations.

Boutique and ticket counter. With themed products from all over the world.

Fine restaurant:
A nicely appointed 5* restaurant in the Visitors Centre and outdoor patio with panoramic views from atop a 450 metre plateau.

Display and Exhibits:
Our display and exhibit hall will features dozens of displays and exhibits.

Special exhibits:
We will have rotating special displays and exhibits.

Special guests:
We will invite special guests to speak about the research conducted here and about the latest discoveries.

Marked Planetary trail:
A multi Km marked planetary trail, marking the size of our solar system.

Nighttime Activities:

Public Telescopes:
Several very large public telescopes will be available to visitors. These telescopes, are specially designed for exquisite viewing of the universe, we expect the best in the world. The telescopes, some as big as 40", do not require a step ladder, this is totally unique in the world for this size telescope and will make the telescope extremely easy to use and convenient for visitors. Visitors will be able to book views online. Views will be accompanied by a 20 minute presentation in the lecture theatre and will be attended by an enthusiastic and trained interpreters.

Our outside amphitheater can seat up to 200 people, and will feature twilight presentations.

For more information about our facility please refer to these documents:

Parks that are close enough for a days return trip within 200 Km:

Provincial Park
Distance Km
Travel Time
Bon Echo
30 min
1 h
Silent Lake
1h 07min
Sharbot Lake
1h 10m
Silver Lake
1h 10m
1h 13m
Murphy's Point
1h 17min
Lake St. Peter
1h 21min
Kawartha Highlands
1h 39min
Algonquin East Gate
1h 39m
1h 51m
1h 53m
1h 55min
Charleston Lake
1h 55min
1h 55min
Rideau River
1h 57min
Lake On The Mountain
Mark S. Burnham
Balsam Lake
2h 10min
Algonquin West Gate
2h 10min
2h 10min
2h 11min
North Beach
2h 11min
2h 11min



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