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The Madawaska Experience

Our main objective at the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is The Experience. An experience that is profound, moving, and even monumental. This is at the very core of what we are.

The apex of that experience at the Observatory is viewing through the Giant Eye, that has been fined tuned, perfected and optimized for the ultimate viewing experience. Using advanced technology, and a very deep understanding of all the components that make up the experience.

Our facility is so well executed and thought out that the hardware appears all but ancillary in itself, as if it wasn’t there. Nothing about the experience is intellectual, superficial or a façade. The experience is deep and profound. This is our place in the universe, this is where we are, this is what we are.

The document describes the experience of viewing with the Giant Eye, the largest and most powerful public telescope in the world.

You can download the documement here.


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