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Job Creation and Economic Development

Our facility will generate almost $1 billion in economic activity over the next 25 years.

The Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Tourism ‘Tourism Regional Economic Impact Model’ (TREIM), projects some three hundred jobs generated by the facility directly, indirectly and induced, and almost $300,000,000 in visitor spending over a ten year period. The model is tuned to Regional Tourism Region 11, were the observatory is located. Long distance travelers stay the longest and spend the most, thus are the most valuable type of visitor in terms of economic benefits to the area. The facility due to its uniqueness and offering is expected to be a big attraction for destination travelers.

Observatories throughout the world are major tourist attractions, with millions of visitors. The Madawaska Highlands Observatory, within a reasonable distance to three metro regions, and its superb world-class offering will attract upwards of 200,000 visitors. This will double the existing total tourism volume to the region including the five neighboring counties.

Tourism represents more of Canada’s GDP than agriculture, forestry and fisheries combined, contributing 6.4% of GDP and 8% of employment in 2015. Indeed tourism is growing 4X faster than GDP.

The National Capital area will also benefit, adding to its pool of high value destinations. Its fully expected that many visitors will come to Ottawa to visit the observatory, thus increasing tourism in the Capital.

The added influx will attract entrepreneurs adding accommodations, restaurants and other attractions. The Observatory will be the anchor destination for the region.
These entrepreneurs could pump in milions in further investments. In the next 25 years the observatory could lead to a billion dollars in economic activity in the region.
The town of Renfrew, 40 Km to the northeast, being en-route from Ottawa, is expected to be a significant beneficiary of the tourism influx, with up to 60% of the total volume expected to arrive via Renfrew from Canada’s Capital.

The unique offering, its extremely dark night sky with a spectacular view of the Milky Way, the very large public telescopes, the worlds’ most energy efficient building and the worlds’ highest resolution planetarium are going to be very popular to visitors, including international visitors; the USA is only 2.5 hours away. In addition, the Observatory will produce world class science with the WFT, the most powerful telescope in Canada, with research displayed in the Visitors Centre, will also be a big attraction.

The facility is expected to be very popular for corporate functions such as AGM’s, weddings, meetings, getaways etc. And be a major educational destination.

Report summary:
— 300 jobs directly, indirectly and induced
— $1,000,000,000 injected into the economy over 25 years
— $200,000,000 in GDP contribution over 10 years
— $137,000,000 in labour income over 10 years
— $84,000,000 in total taxes over 10 years
TREIM data is for RTO11 over a 10 year period.

Entrepreneurs will tap into the visitor influx, with a significant number of destination travelers from afar who stay the longest and spend a lot of money, they are the most valuable visitors.

1. New accommodations, restaurants and venues
2. Improved roads and highways
3. Improved municipal services due to the tax benefits
4. Increased real estate values due to the exposure
5. Net benefits will multiply over time
6. Confidence, will encourage further investments

You can download the press release.

In 2015, spending by foreign visitors to Canada grew by 8.5%! This is reported by the the World Travel & Tourism Council, Travel & Tourism Economic Impact Canada.


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