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This location in the Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, offers a night sky almost untouched by light pollution, as it would have appeared to our ancestors 120 years ago. Being only an hour from Metropolitan Ottawa, and located in the heart of Canada's cottage country, the site offers an opportunity to millions to experience a truly inspirational and spectacular vista.

"This particular area is indeed the best location in Canada and the northeastern USA, for some 100 million to experience a natural night sky, a Milky Way that will cast your shadow and over 10,000 stars visible on a clear moonless night."

Add to this experience is a stunning landscape and pure clean air with deep blue skies and stunning sunrises and sunsets. It is no wonder the famous Group of Seven painters loved this spectacularly beautiful landscape. The site is located in Renfrew County, Ontario, one hour west of the Ottawa, Canada's Capital.

This is no ordinary rural night sky. Here the night sky is so dark that some 10,000 stars can be seen on a moonless night, quadruple the number of a good rural night sky. The the Milky Way can be traced from horizon to horizon. The zodiacal light, Gegenschein and sky glow are all common occurrences. Meteor showers such as the Perseids and Geminids can display hundreds of meteors per hour in a good year. Due to the extreme darkness of the night sky even the faintest of the northern lights are easily visible.

It is for these reasons and the easy access with a Provincial Highway that the company has chosen to locate its facility here.

Northern Lights - Tom Thompson c.1906 - painted in the Madawaska Highlands

Our exceptionally dark night sky and northern latitude will permit viewing even the faintest of Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).



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