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Local Attractions

This area has several noteworthy attractions. It is a well know destination for white water rafting, canoeing and kayaking, attracting upwards of 80,000 people to the Ottawa and Madawaska Rivers.

Bon Echo Provincial Park is one the most popular in Canada with upwards of 60,000 visitors, it can be quite difficult to book a camp site there. The Park is well known for its many Petroglyphs and the 100 metre Mazinaw cliff. Mazinaw lake is one of the deepest in Ontario. Also several famous authors have left a mark here. The Provincial Park has over 500 campsite. The area is high in the Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, and features some stunning landscapes.

Lower Madawaska River Provincial Park
Is a well known canoeing, rafting and kayaking destination. It is managed by Ontario Parks but other authors provide more practical information:

- Ontario Trails
- Travel
- Kayak and Canoe rental
- Ottawa River Keeper

Bonnechere Caves
Located off of Highway 41 near Eganville. Guided tours are offered and the facility is opened from May until September (10 am to 4 PM). Link here.

Calabogie Peaks Resort
The beautiful resort has a 4-star hotel with a sky hill and golf course and is situated on Calabogie Lake. Link here.

Calabogie Motosports Park
This is a world caliber 5.05 Km race track, it is the longest track in Canada. It has hosted several events including the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge Canada, Canadian Touring Car Championship, and Canadian Superbike Championship. Link here.

Bon Echo Provincial Park
The extremely popular park, is well known for the 100 metre cliffs of the Mazinaw rock and the over 260 Aboriginal pictographs. The Park is open from May until October and has 532 campsites. Link here.

100 Km

White Water Rafting

The Ottawa River is world famous for its white water rafting.

Wilderness Tours
Forrester Falls, ON. Link here.

River Run Rafting
Forrester Falls, ON. Link here.

Owl Rafting
Forrester Falls, ON. Link here.

Esprit Rafting
Mansfield-et-Pontefract, QC. Link here.

HorizonX Rafting and Kayak
ile du Grand Calumet, QC. Link here.

Rockhound Gemboree

Canada's Largest Gem and Mineral Show is held in Bancroft
53nd annual show, July 28th-31th, 2016. Link here.


Nearby Towns and Cities

Population 8,500.

Population 1,000.

Population. 1,300.

Population 4,000.

Population 24,000.

Barry's Bay
Population 1,300.

Population 10,000.

Population 16,000.

Population 1,330,000

Population 160,000

Population 16,000.

Population 50,000.

Population 117,000.

Population 6,000.

Smiths Falls
Population 9,000.



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