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Located in the spectacular Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, and anchored into billion year old Precambrian rock this new national destination not only performs world-class scientific research with the most powerful telescope in Canada and the most powerful in the world in its class, but brings visitors to experience our place here in our small corner of the Milky Way and the Universe at large with its trillions of galaxies.

Situated under a dazzling night sky without a hint of light pollution, visitors will experience an horizon to horizon Milky Way that will cast your shadow. Ten thousand stars can be glimpsed on a moonless night and two hundred meteors per hour will light up the sky during the December Geminids.

"The best place to view the Milky Way for 100,000,000 in Canada and the USA."

The state-of-the-art Visitors Centre is designed by the multi award winning architectural firm Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc, it will be worlds' most energy efficient building.

Visitors will enjoy a stunning panoramic view from atop a four-hundred and fifty meter plateau, amongst the highest in Ontario.

The heart of the visitor experience will be viewing with the largest and most powerful public telescopes in the world. Designed and manufactured by Dream Telescopes Inc, a world leader in high performance telescopes, these custom designed short focus telescopes don't need a ladder and will offer of field of view almost ten times the area of the full moon. Quite simply the best views of the universe anywhere in the world.

The far far away "Star Wars Galaxy" can be admired with the Giant Eye. This telescope with its very large one metre or 40" mirror under our exceptionally dark night sky can reveal individual stars, open star clusters, globular star clusters and glowing clouds of gas in the "Star Wars Galaxy". This galaxy is about 12 million light years away, is one of the nearest and most beautiful face on spiral galaxies in the whole sky.

The Visitors Centre will host the highest resolution and most advanced planetarium in the world using the latest and most advanced digital projection technology, producing 'mind blowing' shows.

The facility will be available for corporate bookings to host business meetings, weddings, receptions and ceremonies, family reunions, birthdays, council meetings, corporate retreats, meetings, workshops, anniversaries, receptions, theater productions, state-of-the-art presentations, exhibitions, backdrop for movie productions, product demonstrations, AGM's, special events, team building, corporate development, company getaways or any event that requires some place very special, something truly out of the ordinary.

Visitors can explore our exhibit and display hall, witness the Wide-Field-Telescope control room in the front lobby and enjoy fine dining in our nicely appointed five star restaurant, and find themed items from around the world in our boutique. Very large 10K x 10K video walls in the front lobby will showcase the extraordinary images taken with the most powerful telescope in Canada. A well equipped theatre will host audio/visual shows with presentations that will accompany all key activities such as visiting the worlds' most energy efficient building, touring the professional and public telescopes and viewing with the large public telescopes. In addition special guests will be invited to speak about the most exciting new discoveries and the research being conducted here.

The whole facility is sculpted into the natural topography following the gentle curves of the plateau and integrating beautifully within the existing natural environment.

Notable features:

— State-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. Visitors Centre
— An innovative architecture
— The worlds' highest resolution planetarium, 100 million pixels
— The worlds' most energy efficient commercial building, off-grid
— The largest and most powerful public telescopes in the world
— A stunning night sky with no light pollution
— Hosting the most powerful telescope in Canada


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