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Core Educational Destination

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will offer a superlative educational destination. Visiting students will see and learn about the most powerful telescope in Canada. They will experience and learn from the exciting star shows in our the state-of-the-art digital planetarium, explore the extensive display and exhibit hall, and learn about our place in the universe. They will also learn about the environment with largest off-grid ‘super green’ building in North America with various displays, exhibits, 3D animations and visiting the buildings’ innards.

The facility will have dedicated classrooms for students to learn about the Earth, astronomy and the universe. Our well trained educators will present well prepared programs for all age groups. Educational workshops will cover many aspects of the universe including the seasons, the solar system, telescopes, galaxies and many other important and related topics.

Students will explore the night sky with very large and powerful telescopes and see galaxies billions of light years away. These specially designed telescopes can be used without ladders for safety. Under our exceptionally dark night sky and with the ultra-wide field of view of these telescopes, the views will be wondrous and breathtaking. The science telescopes will be made available to science programs in schools throughout Canada and beyond. Our educational offering will act as a terrific STEM motivator (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), while motivating young minds into becoming innovators and entrepreneurs.

State-of-the-art Digital Planetarium
Students will experience the universe, the night sky, the Earth and space like never seen before. The planetarium will be an excellent companion to the class room courses.

Trained in the curriculum of science and the environment, our educators will support the K-12 age range with appropriate learning packages and associated materials.

Classrooms and Programs
With a capacity of forty students, the classrooms are fully equipped with high end projectors, sounds systems and all the necessary tools. Learning can be built on an actual practice of looking through powerful telescopes. Programs for all aged groups will be offered in both French and English.

Guided Tours
Students will have guided tours of the most powerful telescope in Canada and also the large public telescopes. Introductory presentations will be delivered in the multimedia theatre and/or the amphitheatre. Subjects cover identifying the constellations, finding the planets, exploring the Milky Way and the night sky during different seasons. In addition guided tours of the display and exhibit hall will be available. Students will be able to meet and speak with our on site astronomers who manage and operate our professional telescopes.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will inspire.


The state-of-the-art planetarium will bring students to new worlds.


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