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These documents are available for download to help people explore and better understand the project.


Visitors Centre architectural drawings
MHO_Architectural_Drawings_2016.pdf (16 MB)

Worlds' highest resolution planetarium (3.4 MB pdf)

2 Page Brochure
This document summarizes the project, it is the best way to understand the project.
MHO_Brochure_2016.pdf (6.8 MB)

Visitors Offerings and Special Events Booking Documents
MHO_Offering_SEptember_2016.pdf (4 MB)

Economic Development and Job Creation

MHO_Press_Release_April_2016.pdf (2.7 MB)

Corporate Bookings
MHO_Corporate_Bookings_2016.pdf (4.7MB pdf)

Public Telescopes

Viewing with the most powerful public telescopes in the world - The Giant Eye


Experience the night sky like never before (1.6 MB pdf)
Poster Wide-Field-Telescope and Calotte Dome (1.5 MB pdf)
MHO_Beauty9_WFT_Panel_March_2016.pdf (750 KB)



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