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Corporate Bookings

“The Madawaska Highlands Observatory is a truly unique venue to hold a variety of events for up to 150 people. Located 60 minutes west of Kanata, in the stunning beauty of the pristine Madawaska Highlands of Ontario and situated on a 450 metre high plateau, giving it spectacular and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The facility is a zero-carbon, zero impact 30,000 sq. ft. building, generating all of its own energy requirements and totally off the grid. It even doesn’t need any water as it uses rain water. Amenities include a full service fine five-star restaurant, multiple board rooms and a lecture hall. Of special interest is our multi-use planetarium, with configurable backdrops and removable seats to hold diners and receptions. The facility also offers a special display hall, atrium and large lobby to add significant flexibility to events, such as product demonstrations. Several outside elements such as the large plaza, restaurant patio, covered terrace, amphitheatre and marked planetary trail add a whole other dimension to the experience.”

A listing of available venues is available.

The facility will be available for a variety of events:

— Wedding receptions and Ceremonies
— Business Meetings
— AGM’s
— Family Reunions
— Team Building
— Birthdays
— Council Meetings
— Corporate Retreats
— Corporate Development
— Company Getaways
— Meetings
— Workshops
— Anniversaries
— Receptions
— Theatre Productions
— State-of-the-Art Presentations
— Exhibitions
— Product Demonstrations
— Backdrop for Movie Productions
— Special Events
— Conferences for up to 150 Guests with the Hotel at Phase II

The planetarium can also be used as a dinner, reception, or meeting space where almost anything you can imagine could be provided as a visual backdrop. For example, imagine dinner under the stars, or while experiencing a double sunset. The images can also be dynamic, with soft clouds rolling by under a blue sky. Almost anything you can dream can be visualized. Any location on Earth could be created, allowing for a wedding at any virtual cathedral or church in the world, or in any other setting. The possibilities are literally endless.

The facility will also feature a multitude of interesting outside attractions including a plaza, amphitheatre, unique architectural elements, covered terrace and restaurant patio, a beautiful marked planetary trail among other things.

The entire facility can be booked a for a day a more. Groups can also book parts of the facility as needed.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will have a lot to offer:

— A nicely appointed restaurant seating one-hundred-fifty people
— Large patio with panoramic views
— Lecture theatre/hall with a 4K projectors, stage and prep room
— One-hundred-sixty-nine seat multi-use planetarium
— Planetarium can be used for meetings, meals and other events
— Three multi-use boardrooms seating forty each
— Boardrooms can be combined for larger groups
— All rooms will have recording, streaming, and conferencing capabilities
— Atrium
— Large lobby
— Exhibit and showroom space
— Covered outside amphitheatre
— Outside architectural elements
— Large plaza
— No cost parking and EV charge stations
— Covered south facing terrace
— Marked planetary trail
— Amphitheater
— Covered amphitheatre at phase II
— Hotel at Phase II with spa, equipped exercise room, pool, tennis courts etc

The facility is a perfect venue for weddings and receptions.

A perfect venue for AGM's and business meetings.

A special destination for Family Reunions.


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