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About Us

Our Mission and Vision:

Our vision is to become the premier facility of its type in North America, offering a highly motivational and inspirational experience to visitors, a profound learning opportunity to students and an exceptional corporate destination for AGM's, meetings and weddings etc.

About Us
At the core and heart of the Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corporation you will find innovators, entrepreneurs, business people, engineers, scientists, artists and visionaries. We are a small but very talented team, extremely hard working, dedicated, and committed to achieving our goals. Our Visitors Offering and Facility Summary is a 2-page pdf that describes the project in detail.

Our Core Values

Sought After Destination
Designed as a top destination in Canada, the Madawaska Highlands Observatory will offer an extraordinary experience. Situated under an exceptional night sky without a hint of light pollution, visitors can gaze through the world's largest and most powerful public telescopes and experience the universe with the worlds' highest resolution digital planetarium, and enjoy the state-of-the-art Visitors Centre with its many amenities.

The facility will be an exceptional venue for corporate functions, such as AGM's and company getaways. The unique theme, venue and amenities will provide an inspirational experience for corporate leaders and their staff.

Inspirational Educational Experience
Students and young people will be inspired when they experience our facility with an opportunity to visit the most powerful telescope in Canada and peer through the largest public telescopes in the world, viewing galaxies billions of light years away. The experience will be a superb Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) motivational tool. Students can experience first hand the worlds' most energy efficient building thereby learning a great deal about what is meant by being green and environmentally friendly.

Scientific Research
By providing access to the most powerful telescope in Canada to the global astronomical community, estimated to be around 10,000, and conducting our own leading edge scientific research, the company will contribute to humanity's understanding of our place in the universe.

This semi-remote area is sparsely populated but has a tight-knit community. The company wants the local community to benefit in terms of jobs and economic opportunities and yet have the minimal possible disturbance to the area and its inhabitants.

Environmental Responsibility
The facility is designed to be truly part of the living environment by being off-grid and energy independent and built to the highest construction standards LEED Platinum and exceeding the Living Building challenge, the next generation is building construction excellence. The facility will be a zero carbon, zero impact building and unique in the world.

Investor Return On Investment
The multi-revenue stream business model is based on years of research and strong fundamentals. The company plans to deliver an excellent return on investment to its shareholders.


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