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A Day at the Observatory

A Day at the Observatory

Visitors can expect a full day of things to do and see. From exploring the display and exhibits hall, guided tours of the public and professional telescopes, guided tours of the off-grid visitors centre and shows in the planetarium. Visitors can also dine at our restaurant and get souvenirs at the boutique. Outside there will be themed architectural elements in the main plaza and a multi-kilometre marked planetary trail that will show you the scale of the solar system. In the evening we will offer twilight programs in our amphitheatre. In addition many special activities will be available, such as invited guest speakers.

At night visitors will have the opportunity to view with our public telescopes; the most powerful in the world.

A 'typical' day at the observatory might include:

- Planetarium show: 45 minutes
- Guided tours of the off-grid Visitors Centre: 1hour 20 minutes
- Guided tours of the professional and public telescopes: 1 hour 30 minutes
- Display and exhibit hall: 2 hours
- Marked planetary trail: 1 hour 30 minutes
- Special display area: 30 minutes
- Twilight presentations in the amphitheatre: 45 minutes
- Viewing with the public telescopes: 2 hours

There are more than 6 hours of daytime activities, and an additional 2 hours of telescope night time viewing. This leaves plenty of time for a meal at the restaurant and exploring the boutique and front lobby video walls and exhibits.

In addition there are several special activities that will be available including;
- Private viewing with the public telescopes: all night
- Overnight sleepover under the [planetarium] stars: all night
- Meteor viewing in the summertime: 2.5 hours
- Lectures: 90 minutes

For visitors who may want to try some night sky photography, a 30" telescope designed for 'deep sky' will be available and our tracking mounts can be used with user supplied cameras to take stunning photos of our extraordinary night sky.

At a later phase we also plan to a have a large star festival, and fully serviced RV and camping areas.

Ticket pricing will be announced on our ticket page.


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