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a Unique World-Class Destination.Visitors Centre
A night sky with no light pollution!


The Most Powerful Telescope in Canada.

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A Unique World-Class Destination

Our Pictorial Portfolio is a beautiful way to explore the project graphically.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will provide an extraordinary experience to visitors of all ages, experiencing first hand our place in this grand universe like no other facility. The Observatory is designed to be a truly rich and inspirational educational experience for young minds, a highly prized destination, and a unique setting for special events.

Our main objective at the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is the experience. An experience that is profound, moving, and even monumental. This is at the very core of what we are. The apex of that experience at the Observatory is viewing through the giant eye, that has been fined tuned, perfected and optimized for the ultimate viewing of the universe. Using advanced technology, and a very deep understanding of all the components, the hardware appears all but ancillary in itself, as if it wasn’t there. Nothing about the Madawaska Experience is intellectual, superficial or a façade, it is deep and profound. This is our place in the universe, this is where we are, this is what we are.

Set amidst the spectacular Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, in the centre of Canada’s Cottage Country, the location is surrounded by thousands of acres of Crown land and a panoramic view of the Madawaska River Valley from a four-hundred and fifty metre plateau; it is a truly Canadian landscape in the spirit of the famous Group of Seven Painters.

As a destination, the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is unrivaled anywhere in the world, where visitors can experience a night sky without a hint of light pollution, explore the universe with the Giant Eye and the Big Eye and enjoy our state-of-the-art Visitors Centre, which will be the largest commercial off-grid building in the Americas, tour our exhibit/display hall, visit the most powerful telescope in Canada and be amazed by our world-class Planetarium, which will have highest resolution in the world.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will become the high point in the K-12 school outing for millions of students in Ontario and Québec. It addresses the urgent demand for economic development and job creation in the region, while providing a national and special events destination.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will host the most powerful telescope in Canada, available to the global scientific community. The Wide-Field-Telescope will make important scientific discoveries, visitors will be able to visit the telescope and see firsthand the cutting edge research being conducted.

The Visitors Centre with its many amenities, is a perfect venue for wedding receptions and ceremonies, business meetings, team building, corporate retreats, AGM’s, council meetings, workshops, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, receptions, theatre productions, state-of-the-art presentations, exhibitions and other events.

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The WFT will produce world-class science and be used by astronomers globally.
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